Hobbies For Millennials And Gen Z

The millennials don’t just treat their hobbies as pastimes, but they look for ways to monetize them as well. The idea is not just to utilize the time properly but also to begin earning from a young age and becoming independent. The hobbies that they engage in are ways of entertainment and business ideas at the same time. In this article, we’re going to talk about the hobbies of millennials and gen z individuals that can be monetized and made into professions later. Read along to find out more! 

  • Podcasting 

If you like casually talking to your friends and narrating life experiences with them, instead of doing that just as a pastime, you can start your podcast. Podcasting is a hobby that has gained a lot of popularity in recent times because of the convenience factor. People might not always be able to watch videos or read blogs, but they can download and listen to podcasts anytime and anywhere. Thus, if you invest your time and energy in creating a successful podcast, you would get a loyal audience and you’d be in a position to monetize your work as well. If you have a flair for talking about various subjects, you should surely consider podcasting as a hobby. 

  • Selling Art
How to Sell Your Fine Art

Most individuals learn art and crafts when they are young. Some have a passion for art as well. However, how often do people think about monetizing their art? Millennials and Gen Z have made it possible. They not only put effort while creating art but put equal amounts of effort into selling them to the right kind of people. There are a lot of websites and applications nowadays that assist you in selling your artworks and help you find clients who’d be interested in buying your art pieces. You’ve got to market your artworks on your own and be consistent in selling them, for gaining followers and buyers. 

  • Coaching 

This hobby, like several others, wasn’t prevalent before. Coaching refers to teaching but this kind of teaching is not like conventional teaching that is done in schools. You can coach someone in literally anything under the sun starting from marketing, working out, designing, and even personal things like dating. You can coach someone on any subject that you know better than them. You would have to ensure their quick and effective learning if you want your hobbies to be monetized.