Hobbies That Will Improve Your Quality Of Life

A hobby is something that you do for fun or pleasure. Since hobbies are leisure activities, many people discard hobbies as a “luxury” they cannot afford. Who has the time, right?
However, it turns out that a hobby is more than just a way to have fun. Picking up a hobby can be your creative outlet; it can give you a sense of self-efficacy, and it will keep your brain engaged as you have something to look forward to. Having a hobby is not just a way to pass the time; it can also improve the quality of your life. Here’s listing down a few of them;

  • Gardening
Let’s Try And Become Friends With The Greener World

Gardening is a surprisingly beneficial hobby. There’s the obvious benefit of growing your own fruits and vegetables, as well as pretty flowers, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Nurturing a plant from seed to fruit-bearing reinforces your ability to cause positive change in the world. The instinct and even enthusiasm for gardening thus appear to arise from some primitive response to nature, engendering a wish to produce growth and harmony in a creative partnership with it.
Multiple studies have shown that gardening reduces the incidence of dementia by 36%, and to top it all of, gardening puts you out in nature and gives you time to connect.

  • Cooking
Eat, Cook And Stay Healthy

Studies prove that those who cook their meals at home are healthier and live longer than those who regularly eat out. Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder indicates that when people pick out their own food at the grocery store, they buy less processed foods, less sugary foods, and less fat. Instead, they make healthier food choices, hence improving your quality of life. Cooking is as old as civilization itself, and observers have perceived it as both an art and a science. Its history sheds light on the very origins of human settlement, and its variety and traditions reflect unique social, cultural, and environmental influences. 
In addition, cooking at home helps you to save money and make more meaningful connections with your family and loved ones.

  • Reading

Reading is a lot more than just a pleasant pastime. Reading sharpens comprehension, teaches your mind to focus, and improves your vocabulary. It also boosts your brainpower: just like jogging gives your body a workout, reading gives your brain a workout.
Furthermore, studies show that reading can reduce stress by 69%. Since reading also helps you sleep better, a good time to practice this hobby is right before bedtime.

  • Writing/Journaling
Organizing Our Own Thoughts Can Make It Easier

Keeping a journal can help you organize your thoughts, plan how you’re going to achieve your goals, help you to solve problems and serve as a stress-relief mechanism. All this conclusively helps you to improve the quality of your life.
Finally, journaling can help you to know yourself better. You will be able to uncover what makes you happy and what’s draining you of energy. With that knowledge, you will do more of what brings you joy and distance yourself from people and situations that do not serve you well.

Rewarding Hobbies For People Who Like To Be Alone

Hobbies for introverts are the best bet for finding a creative way to get your head back in the game. Introvert personalities tend to focus on their ideas and feel recharged with energy by spending time on their own. There are so many ways to benefit from solo hobbies, so we’ve rounded up some good hobbies ideas for you to get you that sense of me-time.

  • Origami

If you’re looking to do something creative, then origami, the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, would be the perfect option of a hobby to do alone. The best thing about origami is that you just need a few sheets of paper to start pursuing this hobby. The only other thing you would need would be your creativity and some knowledge about the folds. The unique thing about this paper is that it is foldable multiple times without getting torn.

  • Writing

Being a writer is not all about being published and recognized and having your books turn into movies; it is about expressing yourself in whatever way you want, novels, blogs or articles.
Writing as a hobby should be an outlet for you, a way to express your feelings to put your thoughts into words. Writing could even lead you to a sure career, and hence it is rightly considered the most rewarding hobby to do alone.

  • Reading

A good book will make you think about different aspects of the world around you, whether human relationships or some intriguing new idea.
There is a nearly infinite variety of books out there, so you can easily find one or two that match your interests. There is a book out there for almost everyone and anything you can imagine. Whatever you enjoy, you could find a book somewhere to be somewhat close to your interest.
The act of reading improves your ability to absorb and comprehend written information, helping you in virtually any career path.

  • Cooking

Cooking is a great way to bond with your family. When you have work that keeps you busy, cooking for your family once in a while is a great way to bond and bring happiness to your family. When you prepare a great meal, you will be happy eating it. You will gain confidence and pride knowing that you are the one that made the food so delicious.
Cooking your meals is a great way to save money and ensure healthy meals.

Why Cooking Is The Best Hobby Ever?

Cooking requires time and patience, and that is why it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, it certainly can make an excellent hobby for those who enjoy it. Not only are there several benefits in terms of health and nutrition, but there can also be fringe benefits for those so inclined. There are plenty of reasons to take up cooking as a hobby, which make it the best activity to pursue. So, today I would like to explore a few for you.

  1. You choose your ingredients

Cooking for yourself means you know what is going into your food. For those with dietary restrictions, cooking for yourself is usually the best option for having nutritious and safe meals. You can add or substitute ingredients you prefer for those you shouldn’t have or don’t like. Likewise, you can ensure that it’s lower in calories and more nutritious than the meals served up in restaurants and fast food outlets.

2. Cooking makes you a better host

It is aptly said, food brings people together. For those who enjoy entertaining guests, being someone who enjoys cooking can lead to more opportunities to entertain – and once word gets out, people will readily accept that invitation. Inviting a few friends over to enjoy an evening together around food can be truly satisfying. You’re also never at a loss when it comes to a potluck and picnic invitations, either. 

3. Boosts your mood

Cooking the perfect meal is going to bring a smile to your face. You could be in the foulest of moods beforehand, but once you taste your food and see the reactions of your loved ones eating it, your frown will be turned upside-down. According to the Like to Cook blog, cooking is therapeutic as a hobby, as when you cook, you stimulate your senses. When the table sets for food, everybody comes together to discuss their lives; This encourages talk and positivity.

4. Cooking is a Money Saver

Who doesn’t like eating? We all relish good food that doesn’t cost a hole in our pockets. It will be much cheaper if you buy all your ingredients and create your meals at home rather than ordering from a restaurant. You can plan and work out which ingredients you will need for the month ahead and the meal sizes you’re hoping to have.

Relaxing Hobbies For Homebodies

Home is our favourite spot to spend our time for many of us and therefore, we don’t really enjoy being outdoors. Depending on our space and lifestyle, our activities may be limited.
However, it isn’t so hard to find a good hobby we can enjoy on the couch. There are plenty of pastimes that you can do in the comfort of your own home. So today, we are going to discuss a few great hobbies for homebodies.

  • Writing / Journaling

Some of us aren’t best at expressing ourselves vocally; this is where writing can come in handy. Journaling or writing is a great way to reduce stress and constructively process your emotions.
Writing as a form of art is one of the best ways to express your feelings better. If you can’t say what you want, then put it down on paper. It will not only improve your mood but will also give you a sense of satisfaction; when you finish writing your piece.

  • Cooking / Baking

It can be fun to try new recipes or experiment with some cuisines. Pushing ourselves to improve our cooking skills can be very rewarding; learning how to cook can uplift not just your mood but your confidence as well. Plus, you get to enjoy the delicious, fresh and chemical-free meals you prepared. Also, if you’re aiming for weight loss, you must avoid fast foods and cook your meals at home. Eventually, cooking could become irresistible for you and, therefore, it is considered one of the best hobbies for homebodies.

  • Working out

Better health leads to a higher quality of life, and exercising can teach us resilience and dedication and help relieve our stress. The best part is that there are countless exercises that can be done in our homes without using any equipment.
Working out has been shown to refresh and replenish you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It relaxes your mind and body so you can face the challenges that the day has to offer. If you are determined to work out, you will see how this hobby can make you happier and healthier.

  • Boardgames

Boardgame playing brings some unique health and life-improving benefits to your life. It is also an exercise for the brain for both – kids and adults; it assists in practising problem-solving and decision making.
Boardgame playing also reduces the risk of developing mental diseases for the elderly as it helps to keep the mind sharp. Boardgame playing fosters happiness as it triggers the release of endorphins. Hence, board gaming can be concluded as the best feel-good hobby for homebodies.
One of the best benefits of board game playing is that it pulls you out of the digital world and strengthens your bonds with your family and friends.

Hobbies You Can Pickup Online For Free

Have you ever been bewildered when someone asks you how you spend your downtime? And you feel terrible because you realize you have only been working and not paying attention to your hobbies as you can’t seem to find a way to learn them.
Although, learning an entirely new skill can be daunting. Luckily, we have the internet, which is probably the place you spend all your free time; it allows you to learn the basics of pretty much anything for free.
Read along to learn about a few online hobbies that could make the best use of your leisure time.

  • Embroidery/Knitting

If you dote on embroidery pieces, why not take up the craft yourself? There are tons of basic embroidery tutorials available on YouTube, and Pinterest is full of such patterns. Once you get the basics down, it will be easy for you to experiment with your creations.
You can find loads of online classes to help you master stitching and fix mistakes and tutorials for different patterns. This classic hobby is a great way to keep yourself occupied, plus you can make unique gifts for friends, family, and yourself!

  • Calligraphy

When you start with calligraphy, all you need is a pencil and a sheet of paper. There are numerous tutorials available for you to hone your skills, whether on YouTube or other websites dedicated to learning calligraphy. Calligraphy has a myriad of methods and styles, so don’t be afraid of getting it wrong on the first try. You will be sure to impress your friends with handmade cards in no time once you have mastered the required skills.

  • Cooking

Trying your hands at cooking sounds a bit daunting, but with the appropriate mentoring, you can trust that you’ll be in good hands. With all the new and yummy recipes that you’ve learnt, you can host your own themed and intimate dinner party.
Cooking could be the best online hobby to pursue; it engages all of your senses, keeps you busy, challenges you to be creative, allows you to treat yourself, and impress your friends and dates.

Final Word

Rather than wasting hours binge-watching your favourite Netflix show, why not get around to finally picking up that new hobby you have been putting off. The best part of online hobbies is that most of these are free and can be easily learnt from the comfort of your home – all you need is a good Wi-fi connection and the right amount of dedication to get it started with.

Can Cooking Become A Hobby?

Cooking is an art, they say, and we certainly agree. Not everyone can cook because it requires a lot of patience, effort, and the right knowledge about flavors and spices. It might seem easy because our mothers make it seem effortless. However, it’s quite a job to make different flavors go with one another and make something that has a balanced taste. 

If you’re interested in cooking, you should surely take it up as a hobby. Cooking as a hobby is very fulfilling and helpful. In this article, we’ll talk about the reasons why you should think about giving cooking a shot as a hobby.

  •  Health Benefits 

Millennials mostly tend to order food from outside and invest too much in packaged food. It’s okay to consume such food once in a while but, it’s not advisable to completely depend on food purchased from stores and restaurants. Having home-cooked meals is very important if you want to maintain your gut health, and in turn, your overall well-being. Thus, if you consider cooking as a hobby, it would have a positive impact on your lifestyle. 

  • Quality Time With Loved Ones 

Cooking as a hobby is capable of bringing everyone together. You can try out new recipes for your loved ones and make them feel special. Moreover, cooking with your partner, or family members is a very intimate and wholesome activity to engage in. If you’ve not been able to spend some quality time with your family recently, cooking a classic dish with them is the best possible thing to do. 

  • Testing Creativity 

Cooking is an amazing hobby to test your creativity and make your dishes unique and innovative. You should always try and give a personal touch to whatever you make. In this way, you’d be able to create your recipes and share them with others as well. 

  • Career Opportunities 

If you’re passionate about cooking, what could be better than making it your profession and earning good money from it? You can create your food blog, or even start a home-based business. Nowadays, the opportunities are endless and people who believe cooking as a hobby is of no good, surely need to rethink their opinions. 

4 Hobbies That Make You More Productive

If you toil around the day and face pressure during the workday, you most likely have a hard time thinking about something that will help you hone your productivity. Fortunately, hobbies are a powerful way to disconnect from work and gain valuable perspectives to foster productivity. Productive hobbies often teach you something and make you introspect deep, exposing yourself to new outlooks.

Scroll down to learn about some of the most productive hobbies that you can comfortably pursue at home.

  • Exercise/Sports

We all know that physical exercise is essential to our health, but did you know that exercising makes us sharper mentally too? Research shows that people who maintain regular physical activity have better agility than those who do not, and hence, they achieve higher productivity.
When you practice sports, you focus firmly on enhancing your physical fitness and excelling your skills in the games; And when you are in the constant practice of strengthening your athletic skills, you come out as a more productive individual in the future.

  • Cooking

Cooking is hands down one of the most productive hobbies out there. Almost everyone considers trying their hands at cooking at least once in their life.
Cooking drives you to be in the moment, focusing entirely on the dish and the recipe that follows. When you enjoy cooking, it can unleash some of your most profound traits with practice; You get skilled at prepping food in advance and experiment with garnishing; This will make you even more productive than you could identify!

  • Art/Painting

Art isn’t just beautiful to look at; it has scientifically been proven to help boost productivity! According to Forbes, people working in creative environments are 17% more productive than those in spaces not decorated with art.
Painting can help you unveil your creative side while focusing on some remarkable aspects of life. It allows you to harmonise your thoughts and emotions and helps translate them into something tangible, thereby multiplying your productivity.

  • Yoga

Yoga sets our mood for the day. The purpose of yoga is to make us focus on our breath. When we practice it regularly, we become more disciplined and surely, physically fit. Yoga is one of the most productive hobbies you can fit into your schedule, as it allows you to block off all external thoughts and focus entirely on your being.

Hobbies To Enjoy In Your Late 50s

As we get on in years, it’s vital to have fun activities in hand worthy of lending our spare time. Having interesting hobbies keeps our minds and bodies active while we transition into our senior years. It is the time to plug in our passion and see what sparks our curiosity. However, sometimes we fail to analyse the most suitable hobbies to be pursued in our late years.

Here’s listing down some of the most enjoyable hobbies to be enjoyed in your late 50s.

  • Cooking

Cooking can provide you with loads of benefits, and fortunately, you don’t have to worry if you’re a beginner. There are plenty of guides and recipes available to learn how to amend your dishes. To avoid feeling lonely, cooking a meal is the perfect way to learn something productive and bring the family together.

  • Gardening

Recent research proved that 80% of the elderly loves to spend time with nature. Gardening is hands down one of the best ways to keep you in touch with the beauty of creation, and once you get the hang of it, it can become rather addictive. Gardening is a pursuit that is good for both the mind and body. It is a fun activity that keeps you healthy.

  • Reading

Reading is one of the most classic listings on the list of hobbies to be enjoyed in your late 50s. It renders tons of genres to choose from, which means there will surely be something for everyone. Besides being an immensely relaxing activity, reading benefits memory, sharpens decision-making skills, reduces stress, and promotes healthy sleep.

  • Community groups

Loneliness is one of the predicaments that frighten us as we grow older. Fortunately, there are many community associations based on several different hobbies and interests. Arts & Crafts for beginners, board game cafes, exercise classes such as yoga, cooking classes, dancing, sports and book clubs are the most popular community groups that one can easily find.

  • Travelling

Travelling is beyond doubt the safest method to make the best use of your leisure time. It renews the thrills that keep interests alive. Travelling ticks all the boxes required for a good hobby; it is exciting, enchanting, rejuvenating and refreshing for the soul.

These were some of the most delightful hobbies that would make sure to kick boredom out of your life in your late 50s. These pursuits can keep you socially active and facilitate your health at the same time. Besides these, Yoga, Zumba, meditation and social work are a few more hobbies that one can cultivate in his late 50s.

Quarantine Fun: Explore Indoor Hobbies

With the advent of the pandemic, our daily lives have become quite odd. We’re mostly busy with house chores or work-from-home schedules. Even the little time that we get for ourselves is spent wondering about how to utilize that time. However, we’re here with a great solution, hobbies! Hobbies are a wonderful way to use any ideal time that you might have, and at the same time, you’d develop new skills too. 

While you might be thinking that most hobbies require going out, we do know of hobbies to do at home. If you want to know what they are, read along! 

  1. Cooking 

One of the most common and interesting hobbies to do at home is cooking. Not only would you get to know more about the art of cooking and learn delicious recipes, but you would also become more self-sufficient.  

2. Journaling 


Our elders always tell us the importance of maintaining a journal. However, most of us don’t get the time to sit and reflect on our thoughts and experiences on regular days, due to work pressure. Quarantine days are perfect for beginning your journaling journey. You might not realize it now but this is one of the hobbies to do at home that can go a long way in shaping you as an individual. 

3. Reading 


More often than not, we don’t get the time to read, even if we have shelves stacked with books.  If you’ve been an avid reader in the past, this is your cue to start reading again. Books help us to stay aware of diverse topics and encourage our horizons.

4. Needlework 

Our grandmothers have been brilliant at needlework, because of the immense patience and dedication that they had while working with the needle. The pandemic is a fine time to improve your association with the needle and learn a new form of art, that’s existed since time immemorial. This is one of the most creative hobbies to do at home.


We’ve given you some of the best indoor hobby ideas for your gloomy quarantine days. Have you selected your favorite one yet? Get started with it already!