Hip-Hop As A Hobby

Hip-hop is a form of fusion dancing and has developed from several early street dancing styles that were prevalent during the 1970s. It is a form that’s fast-paced in nature and is for anyone who loves to dance in fast, energetic tunes. In this article, we’re going to talk a bit more about hip-hop and its various sub-forms, and why it could be a great hobby for anybody willing to learn a creative art form that includes crisp body movements. Today, the form hip-hop is viewed as an iconic dance style with several types under it. Read along to find out more! 

  • Reggae 

This style is associated with Reggae music and closely resembles the movements of hip-hop. The point of distinction lies in the fact that reggae movements are more sensual, and are not as fast as hip-hop. It could be a good style for those who want to try hip-hop but at the same time, do something out of the box as well. 

  • Funk 

This is a form that is a combination of both light, flowy movements, and sharp, crisp movements. Disco and Soul are both included in this style and it requires thorough choreography. If you’re looking for a hip-hop style that would enhance your motivation and add discipline to your life, funk could be just the right choice for you. 

  • Breakdance 

This one’s one of the earliest forms of hip-hop and requires very intense training for acquiring expertise. Unlike several other dancing hobbies, physical fitness is extremely important for breakdance. It involves several stiff leg movements and acrobatic formations. Thus, if you’re interested in enhancing your fitness and flexibility, breakdancing could be a great hobby for you. 

  • Lyrical 

Lyrical has become a quite common hip-hop style these days and is widely used in the entertainment industry. It is different from the other forms of hip-hop in the sense that beats are of secondary importance in this one. The primary focus is on the lyrics of the song that is being played. Lyrical hip-hop is supposed to showcase a tale by performing to the lyrics of a song instead of the beats. Thus, it does not involve too upright steps and is characterized by easy-going, fluid movements and those that are easy to interpret.