Test Your Intelligence: Chess As A Hobby

Chess is often said to have its origin in an ancient Hindu game that was known as chaturanga. It is essentially played by two players on a checkerboard of 64 squares. The game is played using 16 pieces. Chess is not just a mere indoor game but it is a way of testing your intelligence and is an extremely popular hobby among the youth, as well as old people. 

The game of chess is often regarded as a replica of life and it teaches its players the most important lessons of life. Chess teaches us that you cannot achieve victory without having losses. Those who win also suffer some losses and there’s nothing one can do about it other than embracing the truth and moving on. Moreover, it also teaches us that life is full of surprises and however hard you try to control everything that happens to you, there will be times when you would get shocked by certain happenings that you hadn’t predicted. However carefully you plan your next move, you’re going to face unforeseen situations. 

Every piece of the chessboard moves in different directions and has individual significance. The only way to have a grip over the game is to practice it frequently and memorize the rules by heart. Your focus at all times should be protecting your king, while at the same time keeping an eye on the king piece of your opponent and attacking it at the right opportunity. It is an intellectually stimulating game because of a lot of reasons. You need to focus on multiple things together and try and predict the next step of your opponent based on the placement of their pieces. 

One major mistake that players often make is that while trying to attack and take control of their opponent, they end up leaving their king piece without proper security, thereby providing a chance to their opponent to win. You should never do this. You should pay equal attention to your pieces as well as those of your opponent. Another important aspect to remember is that you should never waste your chances on unnecessary moves. Every move is important for you to win and you shouldn’t waste your chance in a hurry. Once you understand the intricacies of the game, it’s going to be one of your best hobbies for life. 

Quarantine Fun: Explore Indoor Hobbies

With the advent of the pandemic, our daily lives have become quite odd. We’re mostly busy with house chores or work-from-home schedules. Even the little time that we get for ourselves is spent wondering about how to utilize that time. However, we’re here with a great solution, hobbies! Hobbies are a wonderful way to use any ideal time that you might have, and at the same time, you’d develop new skills too. 

While you might be thinking that most hobbies require going out, we do know of hobbies to do at home. If you want to know what they are, read along! 

  1. Cooking 

One of the most common and interesting hobbies to do at home is cooking. Not only would you get to know more about the art of cooking and learn delicious recipes, but you would also become more self-sufficient.  

2. Journaling 


Our elders always tell us the importance of maintaining a journal. However, most of us don’t get the time to sit and reflect on our thoughts and experiences on regular days, due to work pressure. Quarantine days are perfect for beginning your journaling journey. You might not realize it now but this is one of the hobbies to do at home that can go a long way in shaping you as an individual. 

3. Reading 


More often than not, we don’t get the time to read, even if we have shelves stacked with books.  If you’ve been an avid reader in the past, this is your cue to start reading again. Books help us to stay aware of diverse topics and encourage our horizons.

4. Needlework 

Our grandmothers have been brilliant at needlework, because of the immense patience and dedication that they had while working with the needle. The pandemic is a fine time to improve your association with the needle and learn a new form of art, that’s existed since time immemorial. This is one of the most creative hobbies to do at home.


We’ve given you some of the best indoor hobby ideas for your gloomy quarantine days. Have you selected your favorite one yet? Get started with it already!