Battle Depression: Hobbies That Are Good For Your Mental Health

With the constant hustle and bustle that goes on in our daily lives, it becomes really important to take out some time for ourselves and hobbies that are good for our mental health. Everybody needs something that would make them feel fresh and alive after a long day of work, instead of a hobby for just killing time. 

If you’re investing your time in doing something, you should do it because it gives you happiness and pleasure. Do you want to know more about hobbies good for mental health, read along till the end! 

  1. Listening To Music 

Not only does music alleviate your stress and depression, but it also uplifts your mood. Music therapy is a scientifically proven method to improve the condition of certain patients and is a quite popular treatment method. Whenever you’re in need of some serotonin, put on your headphones and enjoy the magic of music. 

2. Gardening

Gardening at home

Plants can’t verbally communicate like us but they can surely make your day and mood way better. If you have got a garden at home or even some simple plant pots, you can spend a certain amount of time with them every day. Taking care of your plants and nurturing them would go a long way in sustaining and improving your mental health.

3. Doodling 


If you’re not into conventional forms of art, you can simply invest your time in doodling your thoughts into paper. Doodling can be very satisfying and it helps relax your mood. The best part about doodling is, you wouldn’t need a lot of things to do it. You can just use a regular pen and any piece of paper to express yourself. 

4. Yoga 

We can’t miss out on the importance of yoga while talking about hobbies good for mental health. Yoga is not just a great form of exercise, but it’s also known to rejuvenate our minds by relieving stress and anxiety. 


It is very essential to take care of not just our bodies, but also our minds, especially in these turbulent times. The above-mentioned hobbies good for mental health are going to make your job easier and keep your stress levels in check. 

Quarantine Fun: Explore Indoor Hobbies

With the advent of the pandemic, our daily lives have become quite odd. We’re mostly busy with house chores or work-from-home schedules. Even the little time that we get for ourselves is spent wondering about how to utilize that time. However, we’re here with a great solution, hobbies! Hobbies are a wonderful way to use any ideal time that you might have, and at the same time, you’d develop new skills too. 

While you might be thinking that most hobbies require going out, we do know of hobbies to do at home. If you want to know what they are, read along! 

  1. Cooking 

One of the most common and interesting hobbies to do at home is cooking. Not only would you get to know more about the art of cooking and learn delicious recipes, but you would also become more self-sufficient.  

2. Journaling 


Our elders always tell us the importance of maintaining a journal. However, most of us don’t get the time to sit and reflect on our thoughts and experiences on regular days, due to work pressure. Quarantine days are perfect for beginning your journaling journey. You might not realize it now but this is one of the hobbies to do at home that can go a long way in shaping you as an individual. 

3. Reading 


More often than not, we don’t get the time to read, even if we have shelves stacked with books.  If you’ve been an avid reader in the past, this is your cue to start reading again. Books help us to stay aware of diverse topics and encourage our horizons.

4. Needlework 

Our grandmothers have been brilliant at needlework, because of the immense patience and dedication that they had while working with the needle. The pandemic is a fine time to improve your association with the needle and learn a new form of art, that’s existed since time immemorial. This is one of the most creative hobbies to do at home.


We’ve given you some of the best indoor hobby ideas for your gloomy quarantine days. Have you selected your favorite one yet? Get started with it already! 

4 Hobbies That Can Help You Earn A Living!

People who say that hobbies are only good for killing time are not entirely correct. Yes, hobbies take care of any extra time that we may have, but at the same time, some hobbies can turn into careers.

 It could be hard to believe at first but there are millions of people who do what they love and turn hobbies that they are passionate about into careers. What could be better than earning money for doing something that you used to do in your free time? Yes, that sounds exciting for sure. If you’ve been wondering what hobbies can turn into careers, you’re at the right place! Photography 

1. Photography 

If you’ve got a special propensity towards clicking photos and have been very passionate about it for a long time, it can surely fall under hobbies that can turn into careers. You can befriend the camera for life and choose photography-related fields. Writing 

2. Writing 


Making a career out of one’s love for writing is quite common. You can start your blog, or even become a content writer. Your initial focus should be on determining your niche and writing according to the demands of your audience. You can also try your hand at writing articles for newspapers or magazines if you have a flair for writing. 

3. Traveling 


Hobbies that can turn into careers also include traveling to different places. Sounds fun, right? You can earn your livelihood by opting for fields that involve extensive traveling, such as journalism, the transportation industry, etc. The scope is endless. Designing 

4. Designing 

The art of designing has great openings in several sectors, with impressive pay packages. You’ve just gotta have a creative mind and love for designs. With time, you’ve got to be precise about more specific interests, such as fashion, interior, graphic, etc. 


Now that you’ve got a fair idea about certain hobbies that can turn into careers, explore your interests and career choices, accordingly. Passion is very important and you should always follow your dreams, irrespective of everything else.  

Enhance Your Social Life: 4 Hobbies To Make New Friends

The more you move ahead in life, the more you’ll realize the importance of socializing and making new friends. We’re usually surrounded by people belonging to the same age group in our initial years. However, with time, we get distanced from our friends due to a lot of reasons, one being building up our careers. 

A very effective way to meet new people and make new friends is by developing certain hobbies. If you’re someone who wants to improve their social life, you’re at the right place and we’ve listed down a few hobbies to make new friends. Read along to find out! 

  1. Yoga Classes 

Fitness classes are always the best places to meet new people with the same kind of views and interests. Going to yoga classes would not only improve your physical health but having new friends would also cater to your mental health. 

  1. Music Lessons 
Music training

Music sessions are not just for those who can sing or play something. If you’re a music lover looking for hobbies to make new friends, try enrolling yourself in group or choir music lessons. In this way, you would have a great time staying around music, and you’d make new friends as well. The best part? You can simply talk about music for kick-starting conversations. 

  1. Book Clubs or Poetry Clubs 

If you’re a bookworm and you want to engage with people who think alike, there’s no better way than joining a book club or a poetry club. You could talk about the book you’ve just finished, the last poem you’ve read, your favorite author, etc. The scope is endless. 

  1. Social Work 

Hobbies to make new friends also include social work because when you decide to do something for society, you end up meeting a wide number of people with the same objective. 


While looking for hobbies to make new friends, you should always remember that you’re not alone and several other people are also trying to socialize and meet people they can connect with. Don’t be anxious and just be yourself.

Want To Make Your Resume Interesting? Here Are 3 Hobbies To Put On A CV

Developing new hobbies should always be encouraged because these are not just great for spending your leisure time, but also essential for making your CV look good. If you’re wondering how to make your resume stand out from the crowd, you’re at the right place! Your CV should always have your hobbies so that the employer can get an idea about your interests and inclinations.

 The hobbies to put on a CV should be genuine. List down hobbies that truly interest you, for creating a positive first impression. According to experts, none of your skills would go unnoticed, if you mention them on your CV. Read along to know more about what hobbies to put on a CV. 

  1. Playing A Sport 

Most of us were interested in physical activities and sports, in our childhood. However, with time, we tend to drift away from such hobbies, due to time constraints. If you’ve been actively involved in a sport in your school or college days, you should surely add it to your CV. Hobbies related to sports usually show one’s leadership, management, and communication skills, as well as their ability to work in a team. 

  1. Writing 
Journal Writing

When it comes to hobbies to put in a CV, writing or blogging can turn out to be very helpful, especially for certain jobs. Moreover, writing is also associated with a vast range of knowledge on several subjects. If you’ve been writing for a digital platform, you would also have your audience. This could be great for garnering more job opportunities. 

  1. Painting 

Most of us have held the paintbrush at least once in our lifetime. If you’ve always had a knack for art, it deserves to be on your CV. Having an art background is quite beneficial for designing and related fields. 


While some hobbies are better for certain jobs, you shouldn’t hesitate while listing down a hobby that might be unrelated to the position you’re applying for. Your hobbies are going to describe your personality to the employer.