French Not Just A Language But Prettiest Way Of Communication.

The Past Of The Language

French is a language that reflects both the rich cultural and historical heritage of France and also that of the worldwide Francophonie. It is a language of international diplomacy, a global business language, and a top internet language, which points to the growing importance of French. With deep historical roots in the U.S. and throughout North America and the Caribbean, it is also a local language. The ideas of the Enlightenment inspired the American Revolution, several of the Founding Fathers visited Paris to elicit French support of the revolutionary cause, and France has been considered America’s oldest ally.

French As A Vocation

French is a global business language, and knowledge of French can lead to career opportunities. A 2011 Bloomberg study found French to be the third most useful language for international business, with only English and Mandarin Chinese more useful. French is the second most studied language in the world, with 100 million students around the world—a huge market. Over a million students study French in the Alliance Française alone.

French In The Time Ahead:

French is considered an advantage in personal life, in culture, in travel, in education, in the workplace, and in terms of access to information around the world. With 900 million people learning French around the world, our relative lack of French language skills and knowledge of francophone culture may mean that we are falling behind and may put our futures at risk. So, for all of these reasons and many more, the question for most of us should no longer be Why French? but rather Why not French? and Why not now? 

Hobbies For Avid Readers

Book lovers are not just people who go through pages and pages of a book multiple times, but also include people who smell the pages of a book when they get a hold of its copy. While reading is the primary hobby of book lovers, there are a lot of other related hobbies that you can try out. In this article, we’re going to talk about hobbies that are related to books and would impart similar pleasure as you would get by reading books. Read along, if you want to find out more and indulge further into literature and its many facets. 

  • Join A Literary Club 

Literary clubs or communities are places where literature enthusiasts meet and engage in conversations about literature and their current reading. For a reader, one of the worst experiences is having no one to share opinions about their most recent read. People who’re interested in reading should organize a space where all like-minded people would get together and do what they do best, discuss literature! Thus, if you’ve got some free time and you want to explore more about books, you should certainly try and go to such a place or create such a place. 

  • Making Bookmarks 

Book lovers are very particular about their bookmarks. If you’re someone who likes to save all your bookmarks and flaunt them while reading books, you should try and make bookmarks yourself. This would ensure that you can make your preferred bookmarks, adding a personal touch. If you enjoy making them, you can even make customized bookmarks for your loved ones, and make them feel special. Moreover, bookmarks can be sold as well. You can start your small business and sell customized bookmarks to interested people. Are you inspired enough? Start making your bookmarks already! 

  • Literary Tour 

Going on a literary tour is the dream of most avid readers. Having a hobby such as this doesn’t mean that you have to spend tons of money on going on tours all over the world. You can start from your hometown as well. Visit places of literary importance or a location that might be significant in the context of a specific author. If you’re a true book lover, you would find such places in every nook and corner of your surrounding areas as well.