Science Games: 3 Exciting Science Games For Children!

Learning science can get interesting and engaging for children when inculcated through fun games and experiments. This stimulates their visual memory which aids them to grasp concepts better and retain them for a long, long time to come. As science is all about analysis and application, there are no better media than games that easily translate bookish, theoretical knowledge into simple, practical activities. Here is a list of fun exciting science games: 

  • The Ruler Rubbing Game

One of the most popular and fascinating science games is the ruler rubbing game. This game includes rubbing a plastic ruler against the hair on one’s head for a considerable amount of time. Then the ruler is held over scattered bits of paper. Interestingly the bits of paper get attached to the ruler almost immediately. This happens due to the attraction of unlike charges, as the rubbed comb acquires a negative charge by the gain of electrons. This game has enticed children of all generations and has reinstated in their minds that important theories of physics like electric charge distribution do have significance in real life as well. 

  • Shadow Play 

Light and shadow games are an extremely engaging way of learning about the source of light and shadow formation. All that is required as a prerequisite is a source of light such as a torch or a powerful candle. Shadows are essentially formed behind the source of light, on an opaque surface such as a mantle or a wall. The various shadow forms and patterns can entice children and provoke their curiosity to learn more about shadows. 

  • Guessing and Memory Game 

Science games also encompass brainstorming and brain-sharpening games that boost the mental ability and memory of children. Such games can be based on visual or short-term memory such as recalling the order of articles and specific individual articles from an assortment or can be entirely memory-based in which the names of various things, places or items are recalled by the players, one by one, by individual turn. This boosts their imagination manifold and enhances the idea of colours, shapes and sizes. It also helps to develop a fair sense of time and speedy processing of a lot of information for generating quick responses. Mindfulness games also come under this, in which children are made to name five things they can see, four things that they can hear, three things that they can touch and two that they can smell. This stimulates the five sense organs.

Hobbies That Are Unique And Lesser-Known

Everybody has different types of hobbies. While some hobbies are very common, some are lesser-known hobbies. If you want to engage in hobbies that are not heard about that often, you’re at the right place. In this article, we’re going to talk about unique hobbies that are exciting at the same time. Are you interested to know more? Read along to find out! 

  • Fermenting Wine 

This hobby is for all the wine lovers out there! If you’re interested in making wine and storing it for years for the best outcome, you’re surely a wine lover. Fermenting is a long process but if it’s done accurately, the results can be incredible. This is a time-consuming hobby but if you want to build your very own wine collection, it’s going to be worth it. Moreover, guess who’s going to be the star of all the house parties? Certainly, you! 

  • Barbequing 

Barbequing is not an easy job, even for professional chefs and cooking experts. Barbeque needs additional expertise and anybody good at it would tell you the same. If you’re interested in barbequing, you can learn more about it from the internet, and how it’s done worldwide. Once you’re able to do it with ease, you can make delicious goodies for your loved ones. If your hobby persists and transforms into a passion, you could consider barbequing as a career choice too, given how demanding the food industry is. Invest in better tools gradually, and there would be endless scope for you. 

  • Podcasting 

What is a podcast? It’s an audio show, and it’s quite like listening to different channels on the radio. You can listen to your preferred podcasts whenever you want to. These can range from online stories to iconic poetry, to individual experiences, audio travelogues, etc. You can start your podcast by selecting your niche and talking about things that interest you, or touch you deeply. If your content can satisfy the audience, you’re going to get a loyal fanbase. Podcasting has become a big thing currently and this is a good time to jump right into it. What are you waiting for? Get hold of a mic and get started already!