Elderly people often feel lonely, dejected, and out of work, especially in today’s urban lifestyle. They often have to stay away from their children and depression looms large. In such circumstances, elderly people must engage themselves in activities and hobbies that would keep their minds occupied and hearts full. It would assure both their physical and emotional well-being. Here are some hobbies listed for the elderly. 

  •  Reading

 Being in touch with books is one of the most useful hobbies for the elderly. Reading rejuvenates the mind and admonishes all negative feelings. Reading is also known to induce sound sleep that is extremely important for the elderly. Reading also promotes regular breathing and the proper functioning of the sleep-wake cycle. Reading is also known to control hypertension, irritability, and other such age-related problems. 

  • Gardening

Gardening is a hobby that is known to be cathartic for many elderly persons. Nurturing plants instills a sense of achievement and belonging, that relieves stress and anxiety. It also calms the mind and re-establishes hope and the beauty of new life. Gardening also instills a sense of guardianship that most elderly people miss during their post-retirement days. Moreover, having plants around is extremely healthy for our bodies. Therefore, elderly people should stay in places that have a lot of plants. 

  • Watching The Television 


Watching television is a very common hobby among elderly people. They spend a major part of their day watching their favorite shows. These can range from news updates to daily soaps to movies of different genres. This is a good hobby if it’s done within a limit. Since elderly people don’t go out often, watching the television enables them to stay updated about what’s happening around them. Moreover, when the younger members of the house leave for work, the television is their only companion. However, watching too much of it can affect their eyesight. Thus, doctors recommend elderly people watch less television and do more activities that do not require a screen. 


Now that we’ve mentioned some of the best hobbies for elderly people, you won’t have a difficult time trying to figure out leisure ideas for your aging parents and relatives. Taking care of their mental health is as important as their physical health.