Writing encourages you to interpret things and perceive them from a different point of view. It helps you to look at things in a more conventional style. According to recent research, almost 80% of our communication is through writing. Of course, we don’t send letters to each other anymore; however, most of the mediums we use today, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email or text messages, involve writing as their chief mode of communication. When you start pursuing hobbies that involve writing, you gain more wisdom, and the perks are numerous.

Read along to learn about some of the most prominent hobbies that involve writing.

  • Journaling

Writing down your everyday thoughts is a contenting practice in itself. The act of journaling fixes the details more profoundly in the our minds; it helps boost our memory! It sharpens our sense of creativity and makes us feel better about opening up to others or just to ourselves.

  • Blogging

Telling stories allows you to detach yourself from your worries and give you a better understanding of your emotions. Blogging facilitates self-exploration, and the deeper you explore yourself, the more interests you can discover. It inspires you to share your insights with others. Moreover, a blog can enhance your resume when applying for a new job. Hence, you benefit from your blog when a company makes a hiring judgement.

  • Creative writing

Creative writing as a hobby is a skill that inclines you towards itself; it is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable pursuits.
As you turn into a writer, you will see the wisdom in every tragedy. Creative writing makes you look at life from a unique perspective. Consequently, this relates directly to the fact that writing requires creative thinking.

  • Calligraphy

Calligraphy beautifies the way you choose to write a particular text. Calligraphy is more than art, that excites people to reach the level of excellence in handwriting. It is comforting and provides liberty to create one’s fonts and styles of writing; this makes the art innovative and flexible for the learner and spurs creativity in them.

In essence, writing allows you to decipher the hidden message behind your events. Writing is a pursuit of wisdom. Certain other hobbies that involve writing as their prime focus might grab your attention too. If you love writing scripts or reviews, you can try screenwriting, review writing.