Hobbies That Help You In Your Career

Learning a new skill is a great way to boost your self-esteem and confidence, and the ability to take pride in your achievements will translate to the workplace. Your hobbies and passions will make you a more engaging and more interesting person to be around.
Below, we are compiling down a list of hobbies that can be an excellent career bolster for you.

  • Yoga and meditation

Yoga can subtly improve your overall job performance. It betters your awareness of your inner self and allows you to manage it accordingly. Meditation is quite similar to yoga which also offers a sort of mindfulness or self-exploration. Even following simple breathing techniques can elevate your focus and enhance your performance at work. Committing to regular yoga and meditation can boost your mood, improve your flexibility and posture, and alleviate your sleep pattern. Consider starting or ending your day with a fifteen-minute session, and you will surely notice excellent results.

  • Reading

Reading is vital for many reasons as it expands our thinking ability and helps communicate emotions more efficiently. Daily and dynamic reading has several advantages that benefit tremendously at the workplace. Reading boosts brainpower, improves mental skills, builds language expertise, helps to release stress, and builds you as an empath.
Not only does reading make you knowledgeable, but it also has the benefits of improving your vocabulary and your emotional intelligence; making you a better resource for employers.

  • Learning languages

Learning a new language can be a rewarding hobby as it hones your multitasking capability and diversifies your approach towards things. Besides that, engaging with other cultures can enrich you with new knowledge and teach you valuable life lessons that you can bring to your workplace. Consequently, having expertise in multiple languages opens new doors for you.

  • Playing an instrument

When you like to play a musical instrument, you develop a high level of self-discipline, good listening skills, and unmatched collaboration skills. Musicians achieve a variety of skills that can increase their performance at work.
Taking up an instrument improves your discipline and focus, drives creativity, and exposes you to a whole new social circle. So a musician could be an asset for an employer. Plus, once you’ve nailed it, you’ve got a unique skill for life that you can pick up anytime.

Hobbies For Being Confident

Confidence is essential to survive in this fast-paced world. However, building it is not an easy job. A lot of people face difficulties in expressing themselves confidently. They’re hesitant to be their true selves in front of others. This hesitance can turn out to be a barrier to success. Thus, you should look for ways to get rid of your inhibitions. In this article, we’re going to talk about hobbies that can help you become confident if you’re consistent enough. 

  • Learning A New Language 

This is one such hobby that can go a long way in making you feel and be way more confident than you ever were. Learning a new hobby would not only enhance your communication skills but also give you new perspectives about the world. Moreover, your career scope would diversify and it would give a tremendous boost to your smartness quotient. Being consistent in this particular hobby might be quite challenging at first but once you get a grip of the language you want to learn, it’s going to become easier and way more interesting. If you don’t have adequate resources, you can start with free online courses and get enrolled in a professional institute later. 

  • Solo Travel 

Solo trips are important for everyone, given how essential they are for self-reflection and confidence. Solo travel would not only enable you to become a better planner but also make you a better observer, thereby enhancing your communication skills. Moreover, you’d learn to live confidently on your own without depending on anyone. Are you inspired enough to go on a solo trip yet? Do some research and get your tickets booked already!

  • Social Work 

Helping those who’re not privileged enough is very effective in building one’s self-confidence. The more you engage in social work and volunteering, you’d realize how liberating it is to help someone. This in turn would positively impact your idea of self-worth and confidence. 


The hobbies that we’ve mentioned above are going to help you find your lost confidence or build it up from scratch. The key is to believe in yourself and your abilities. The more faith you have in yourself, the better your output will be. 

Hobbies That Would Help You Learn A New Language

Learning a new language is beneficial for individuals in many ways, including the improvement of their brain function. People who’re accustomed to or are fluent in more than one language are not just smarter than those who don’t, but they’re also better at handling problems. Bilingual or multilingual individuals are mostly known to pose lesser risks of mental health disorders like depression, dementia, etc. 

While learning a new language involves putting extra effort in making that language a part of our daily horizon by trying to read and write that language, there are other ways as well. These ways include a few hobbies to learn a language. In this article, we’d be talking about the same. 

  • Listening To Music 

We learn better when we’re able to hear the language, instead of just reading it or writing it down. The more you listen to music in that language, the quicker you learn, and you end up mastering the language in no time. Words are way easy to pick when they’re bound within a rhythm. 

  • Watching Movies 

Watching movies in a different language might seem quite weird at first, but it’s one of the main hobbies to learn a new language. It gets easier when you follow the subtitles in a language you’re comfortable in. You should always opt for classics that would guide you in learning more about a particular language. 

  • Traveling 

What better could be included in hobbies to learn a language than traveling to places where that language is mostly spoken. The more you interact with people who’re fluent in the language, the stronger your grip would be on it. Traveling is a great way of being aware of different languages, and helping you learn one soon. 

  • Meditation 

It’s known that meditation is capable of improving concentration and focus. Thus, when you’re trying to learn a new language, meditation should be an essential part of your daily routine. Your observation skills would also improve if you meditate, thereby preparing you to cope with difficulties while speaking a new language. 

Hobbies That Can Make You Visibly Smarter

If you’ve spent most of your life with the notion that one’s intelligence quotient cannot be altered, you’ve surely been living in a bubble. You can’t turn into Einstein in a blink, but if you practice certain hobbies that make you smarter, you’d see a difference.  

Becoming smarter can be relative, depending on how much you involve yourself in a hobby. If you do it just for the sake of it, there’s not much you can yield. However, if you put in the required amount of effort, you would end up surprising yourself in the process. If you’re wondering what these life-changing hobbies are, read along! 

  • Solving Puzzles 

Playing games that involve solving riddles, or puzzles, and brain teasers are known to impact one’s intelligence. This happens due to the increase of our brain’s neuroplasticity. Whenever you invest your time in hobbies that make you smarter, your brain develops new ways of solving problems and puzzles. Moreover, according to experts, the more you invest your time in exercising your brain, the lesser the risks of depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. 

  • Learning A Language 

Scientifically, people who can speak multiple languages are smarter than those who can speak in just one. If you are thorough with more than one language, you would not only have a greater horizon than someone who doesn’t, but you would also be more receptive towards your surroundings. Hobbies that make you smarter include learning a new language. Nowadays, most companies encourage their employees to know a foreign language. Thus, it would also be a good hobby to put on your CV. What are you waiting for? Get started already! 

  • Meditation 

Can we include meditation in hobbies that can make you smarter? We surely can. Meditation is a process that’s easier said than done, but once you learn how to do it right, you’re going to find new and unexpected ways of interacting with your thoughts and perspectives. The benefits of meditation are known far and wide but if you want to notice the difference yourself, you have to be regular with it. 


Now that you’re aware of some of the most effective hobbies that make you smarter, it’s your time to brush up your intelligence quotient and surprise all those around you.