Birds are a beautiful sight to watch and some people love to watch different species of birds and collect more information about them. They are nature lovers as well but their main focus area is researching birds. If you’re a bird lover and you spend a considerable amount of your day wondering about birds and their various habitats, you’re at the right place. In this article, we’re going to talk about hobbies for bird lovers. Read along to find out more! 

  • Bird Watching 

This is one of the most common hobbies for bird lovers. If you know someone who loves birds, you’ll see them go for walks to places that have birds paying frequent visits. These places might be parks, fields, or even lakes. All you need to do is carry your binoculars and try to spot them from a distance since going too near might scare them and ruin your purpose. You’d be able to see their beautifully-patterned bodies and wings and note their actions as well. Bird watching can be very addictive if you start engaging in it regularly. However, your knowledge about birds and nature, in general, is going to increase manifold. We’re not complaining for sure! 

  • Photography 

People who say you can’t do nature photography without a high-end camera are surely living in a bubble. To click pictures of birds, you simply need your smartphone and the right technique. You should keep an eye on a good background and fix the lighting if the background lighting is not good enough. You should have a good angle sense if you want the perfect shot. You should always try to be at eye level with your subject, that is in this case, the birds. Moreover, your phone camera shouldn’t be making any sound, since that might caution the birds and you won’t be able to get the shot you wanted. Try to be as silent as possible. 

  • Drawing 

If you’re a bird lover and good at art as well, you should start painting birds. Imagine being able to draw different types of birds with various bright colors. Birds are the most beautiful and diverse subjects for art. They are found in innumerable shapes and sizes and belong to a wide range of habitats as well. Once you start drawing birds, you won’t be able to stop, considering the broad plethora of creative possibilities. If you’re good enough, you can use the paintings for exhibitions or even sell them to monetize your efforts. 

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